Action Coalition

The WIABE Action Coalition

The WIABE Action Coalition is an official subcommittee of the WIABE Board and includes board members, educational leaders, and educators from across the state who are interested in taking an active role in enhancing the bilingual/dual language programs for multilingual learners in the state of Wisconsin.

Currently the group is preparing a set of modules entitled, Ensuring an Asset-Based Education for Multilingual Learners in Wisconsin. These modules are designed by Wisconsin educators for Wisconsin educators and reflect the realities of multilingual learners in Wisconsin. The Tools and Resources Modules are the first efforts of this group to support schools and districts in providing their multilingual learners with educational opportunities that capitalize on and extend their linguistic and cultural backgrounds. WIABE is committed to sustained collaboration with educational agencies and school leaders throughout the state to advance multilingual learning for all Wisconsin students.

Purpose for the development of the modules:

To provide a resource for educators, administrators, community members and families, to grow the capacity of schools in the state of Wisconsin, and to ensure an asset-based bilingual education for multilingual learners.


Gina Cornu-Zacharias

Teaching & Learning

Associate Director of Bilingual Education

Green Bay Area School District

Dr. Kathryn Henn-Reinke

WIABE Lifetime Board Member

Professor Emerita

University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

Liz LaNou

Principal Banta Bilingual Elementary

Menasha Joint School District

RosamarĂ­a Laursen

WIABE Board Member

Biliteracy Instructional Leadership Coordinator

School District of Beloit

Audrey Lesondak

Language Acquisition Consultant


Gretchen (Margaret) Lettau

Language Consultant for ESL and Dual Language


Lori Menning

WIABE Board Member


Dr. Robin Rivas

Language Acquisition Consultant


Sarah Shanebrook Smith

WIABE Board Member

Language Acquisition Program Coordinator

Kenosha Unified School District

Dr. Emily Zoeller

Director of ESL/Bilingual Education

Edgewood College

Madison, WI


Dr. Mariana Castro

Former WIABE Board Member

Deputy Director Wisconsin Center for Educational Research